January 19, 2011

International Climate Change Negotiations: Lessons from Theory

New book chapter written with Carlo Carraro on the theory of climate change negotiations, published in:

Climate Change Policies - Global Challenges and Future Prospects

Edited by Emilio Cerdá, Professor of Economics, Complutense University, Spain and Xavier Labandeira, Professor of Economics, University of Vigo, Spain.

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Content: Climate Change Policies sheds light on the foundations, design and effects of climate change policies. Written by leading international experts in the field, this book deals with the various economic effects from climate change policies introduced at national and international levels. It also expertly describes actual applications of climate change policies in the main emitting countries. This insightful study includes chapters on public policies and climate change impacts, adaptation, mitigation, effects on competitiveness, new technologies, distributional concerns, and the international dimension.

Contributors: F.J. André, A. Ansuategi, V. Arroyo, C. Carraro, E. Cerdá, J.C. Ciscar, P. Del Río, O. Edenhofer, I. Galarraga, C.A. Grainger, M. Hanemann, B. Knopf, C.D. Kolstad, X. Labandeira, P. Linares, M.L. Loureiro, G. Luderer, A. Markandya, E. Massetti, A. Michaelowa, D. Paci, N. Padrón, P. Quirion, B. Saveyn, A. Soria, G.C. Unruh, L. Vergano, Z. Zhang