February 17, 2011

Ongoing Work Using Ricardian Approaches

On  February 9 2011 I was invited as a speaker to the OECD meeting "Climate Change, Agriculture, and Land Use: Matching modelling approaches to policy questions."
I gave a presentation that illustrates the work on panel methods to estimate climate change impacts on agriculture and recent work that uses all IPCC Fourth Assessment Report climate change scenarios to estimate climate change impacts in the USA.

Download the presentation here.

The intended outcome of the meeting was to have a clear idea of the policy questions OECD should be focusing on, and which models are appropriate to address such questions.

Invited speakers:
Sherman Robinson  - International Food policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and University of Sussex
The economics of climate change: appropriateness of partial and general equilibrium approaches

Thomas Berger (University of Hohenheim)
Insights for climate change policy  from agent-based modeling of land-use

Emanuele Massetti (Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei –FEEM)
The economics of climate change impacts on agriculture: ongoing work using Ricardian approaches