November 23, 2012

Green Perspectives: a special issue of Energy Economics

Open access available to the new paper on investments under climate policy: here.

The whole special issue on "green perspectives", edited by Brian Flannery and Richard Tol is open access.

Here is the table of content with links:

Page S1
Brian Flannery

From “Green Growth” to sound policies: An overview Original Research Article
Pages S2-S6
Richard Schmalensee

Energy and technology lessons since Rio
Pages S7-S14
James Edmonds, Katherine Calvin, Leon Clarke, Page Kyle, Marshall Wise

Investments and public finance in a green, low carbon, economy
Pages S15-S28
Carlo Carraro, Alice Favero, Emanuele Massetti

Financing for climate change
Pages S29-S33
Richard N. Cooper

Clean energy: Revisiting the challenges of industrial policy
Pages S34-S42
Adele C. Morris, Pietro S. Nivola, Charles L. Schultze

The elusive and expensive green job
Pages S43-S52
Diana Furchtgott-Roth

The potential role of carbon labeling in a green economy
Pages S53-S63
Mark A. Cohen, Michael P. Vandenbergh

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through operations and supply chain managementArticle
Pages S64-S74
Erica L. Plambeck

Greening Africa? Technologies, endowments and the latecomer effect
Pages S75-S84
Paul Collier, Anthony J. Venables

Green growth and the efficient use of natural resources
Pages S85-S93
John M. Reilly